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Have you ever tried to read a whole lot of text in one go and having battled your way through it failed to remember what you have read? I have, it was a book that I found really boring. I discovered a method that helped me and I am prepared to share it with you.

Take each paragraph in turn

  1. Read the first sentence and the last sentence only. If the sentences are long then just the main clause – usually the first bit.           (Try and guess what the paragraph is about)
  2. Skim read the paragraph and write down any keywords you find on a separate piece of paper, it is best if you don’t put them in any order.
  3.   Look at these words and do a bit of a spider diagram with them linking ideas. (Still thinking what the paragraph might be about)
  4.  Read the paragraph word by word.
  5.  Ask yourself a simple question like “What was that all about?”

With a bit of practice you might find that you can miss some steps out.


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